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      92,99 € Roman blind - on the ocean shore - FIREPROOF
      • Roman blind - on the ocean shore - FIREPROOF

      Roman blind - on the ocean shore - FIREPROOF

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      Shipping is free on all products. The products are all new, original and available. ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME: Paintings, posters, photo murals: 7 days. Hand painted and screens: 15 days. Blankets, cushion covers, runner mats, tablecloths, curtains: Between 7 and 12 days. Shipping is free on all products We only ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary.

      Package tent -ARREDALACASA - In the version BLACKOUT - FLAME RETARDANT.

      Customizable in shape, size and model. Even with your photos and your writings. Shipping is free.

      width cm. :
      height cm. :
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      Shipping is free. Delivery time between 7 and 12 days

      The ARREDALACASA Package Curtains

      are beautiful and of high quality We can make any tent with a minimum width cm. 40 and maximum width cm. 60 and with minimum height cm. 60 and maximum height cm. 300. In the drop-down menu, therefore, you can select only a part of the countless variants available. We can make them both with the models in our catalog and with your photos and your personalized writings. 

      Our package tent is complete with everything. Curtain + mounting kit. 

      It is finished on one side and with the reverse side white. All our products are carefully sewn. We use a special transparent thread for the seams. They have soft fabrics and are available in 3 versions:  


      It is the most popular fabric to produce three-dimensional curtains with photos.It allows the passage of 30% of sunlight.The density of the material is 170 g/m2 . It retains 70% of the light.


      It is a fabric for curtains with opaciting and obscuring properties.If you want to create a semi-buy atmosphere in a sunny or romantic day, the curtains made of this material will help you a lot.The density of the fabric is 300 g/m2 . It retains 100% light.


      It is identical to the blackout fabric but in addition it is fire-retardant/anti-flame.This particular type of fabric is difficult to find on the high quality three-dimensional curtains, as the need for a very particular fabric and preparation and has much higher production than all other types of curtains.


      In this listing the package tent is sold in version BLACKOUT - FLAME RETARDANT


      All our products are new, 100% original beautiful and durable:

      -do not fade in the sun

      -are resistant to stretch marks in the washing machine (if handled with care),

      -they do not lose their shape.

      Terms of use:

      -machine wash the item at a temperature of 30-40 °C,

      -do not use bleach during washing,

      -Iron items at the lowest possible temperature.


      Terms of use:

      -machine wash the item at a temperature of 30-40 °C,

      -do not use bleach during washing,

      -Iron items at the lowest possible temperature.

      (a)The percentage of tissue light penetration also depends from the color of the chosen fabric print (the dark shades block more light) and the amount and density of the light that penetrates the window.

      (b) The digital images we exhibit have the most accurate colors possible.However, due to the differences between computer monitors, tablets and smartphones, we cannot be responsible for color variations between the actual product color and the resulting one on your screen.

      c)The drawing shown in the photos is adapted to the size of the curtain.And according to the size chosen, the design may have to be adapted to respect proportionality.If you want, we can send you before purchase a preview of the chosen tent with the exact dimensions indicated by you.

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      Roman blind - on the ocean shore - FIREPROOF